Rampy Pampy!

This Tuesday I took some time out to get my skates back on and hit the ramps at Hull’s Rock City skate park.
It was a good while back now last year that I last got the chance to go for a skate, so whilst I tentatively built up the courage to drop in on the 4 foot ramp for the first time ever, I thought I’d take the opportunity to get some nice shots of one of my self named ‘Monday Miniatures’ in situ.
Followers of my Instagram account may have seen some of my previous ‘Monday Miniatures’ little cut out people already, snapped in various locations, the more unusual the better. The joy of drawing a simple 2D character and putting them in a real surrounding (be it in a tree beside a real life cricket, having a leisurely soak in a cup of tea or a float in a swimming pool), armed with nothing else but my phone camera, some trusty Blu Tack and a brim full of patience makes my inner child giggle with glee. Quite simply, I just really enjoy the process of setting up the shots and I love the challenge of making them work practically, without the use of any Photoshop help. They are never perfect, but they are real.
Getting the chance to take some pictures, whilst a couple of my fabulous skating buddies pulled off some nice moves alongside and in the background, was a great experience and I definitely want to try and do more.
I’m still editing the photos but here’s a teaser of one of the more static shots.
Now, back to the real work!

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