‘Passion’ Collaborative Art Show

I’m very excited to announce that I have a joint art show entitled ‘Passion’ starting this Monday 5th November at the Gallery at St Martin’s, Lincoln, which I will be hosting with the fabulous artist Marzena Wilkes.

Marzena Wilkes loves working with ink and acrylic and uses her stunning and unique style to paint poetry, meaning her paintings can be interpreted in many ways. Her often romantic and timeless subjects capture unforgettable feelings. Love, life, family, relations between people are her favourite topics.

Marzena truly paints from the heart; “Pleasure, Peace and Happiness is what I feel when I create”.

With the interweaving themes of both Marzena’s and my own work, this new exhibition promises to be alive with passion, strength and determination.


You can find out more about the show throughout the week by visiting our event page here:



Passion Art Show Mel Langton Marzena Wilkes Lincoln

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