Knights’ Trail Media Launch

This Monday I was delighted to attend the packed out media launch evening for the Knights’ Trail at The Showroom, Lincoln.

All 36 Knights were in attendance, along with their artists, sponsors and special guests, and they truly were a sight to behold!


Photos courtesy of Mick Fox – Foxtography.


Never Grow Up – Daisy Made

My design for the Daisy Made’s Knight was inspired by childhood memories and putting technology aside for the day to instead play outdoors and partake in often forgotten activities. It incorporates imagery of ice creams in the sunshine, feeding animals, flying a kite, having a picnic, building a snowman and looking at the stars. Childhood memories which will last a lifetime.

Daisy Made Knight


 Inspiring a New Generation – Gelder Group

The idea behind this design was to incorporate the themes of nature and environment alongside construction, whilst illustrating the journey of a young apprentice through the years, on their path to a career within building and development.

Gelder Group Knight


Show Us What You’ve Got – The Lincolnshire Showground

My aim for the Lincolnshire Showground’s design was to represent Lincolnshire shows and events and celebrate just a few of the things we are lucky enough to have on offer to enjoy in the county. The design brings together imagery of county shows, live concerts, conventions, entertainment, sporting events, agriculture, horticulture and along with Lincoln’s rich heritage.

Lincolnshire Showground Knight