Knights Trail Auction Raises £178600

In between a couple of weeks of very well deserved holiday, and then another couple of weeks of catching up on my emails, the Lincoln Knights’ Trail auction took place and boy, did it go with a bang!

The winning bidders of my Knights were Gelder Group (who won back their own sponsored Knight), Daisy Made (who also won their own sponsored Knight) and suprise bidders Lincoln Audi, who fought to buy the Lincolnshire Showground sponsored Knight, ‘Show Us What You’ve Got’.

I’m absolutely over the moon that the combined sale of my three Knights raised a total of £17600 towards the evening’s total of £178600, with proceeds going to the Nomad Trust and Lincoln’s Art and Innovation fund.

Thank you so much to Lincoln Big, the sponsors, bidders and all those who made this trail a huge success and a massive congratulations to all the other fantastic, talented artists involved in the trail.

Let’s wait and see what the future holds in terms of future art trails for Lincoln.



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