January – Taking Stock and Making Plans

Firstly, Happy New Year! Secondly, I have to be honest, once all the excitement of Christmas and new year has evaporated January can’t end soon enough for me. It really is my least favourite time of year, and so for this reason I like to use it to take stock of where I’ve been the past year, how far Ive (hopefully) come and start to make plans for where I’d like to try and propel myself and my work this year. All whilst trying to remember to celebrate the small victories and be a little kinder to myself. It’s good to make plans in January but I don’t believe it’s healthy to only live aspiring for the future. Be present and happy and kind to yourself in the moment, after all, that’s where we live.

Whilst taking stock of some of my old pieces last year I came across this Bowie design I created a while back and that I’ve only had available over the past couple of years (since the original piece sold) as a compact mirror design! I recently revisited this piece (as I do anything Bowie, this time of year especially) and I’m happy to say I made the decision last week to get it reproduced as a Giclée print.

I have a number of these prints now available as my Etsy store, and each print is individually embellished by hand with metallic marker accents.

It’s good to have a little sparkle and beauty to help us through these cold, grey January days.


Thinking of you David Bowie and thank you for that sparkle.


Mel Langton Art David Bowie

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