Introducing Slothypops

Here we are in the midst of October, tentatively reaching for our jumpers and warding of ensuing thoughts of the festive season. I won’t complain though as I do love autumn, even if this year I’ve not been particularly ‘feeing it’, and one thing that I do particularly enjoy at this time of year is partaking in the Instagram phenomenon of Inktober.

For those of you not familiar with the Inktober challenge, artists from across the globe take on the process of drawing one ink drawing a day, for the entire month of October, prompted by a list of words, with the official prompt list originating from Inktober founder Jake Parker. Artists taking part choose to create daily pieces based on words from not only the official prompt shet, but also a number of alternative Inktober prompt lists that can be found floating about online. Some artists even create their own prompt lists, which may be more tailored to the type of art that they already create, with the aim to push their imaginations or creative skills ever further, or at least beyond their comfort zones.

Without a little planning Inktober, for some, can unfortunatley become a little stressful and it can become yet another chore to complete, often at the end of a busy. It is however important not to loose sight of the benefits to be taken from the challenge of drawing every day, even if that means creating work not up to your usual standard and (SHOCK HORROR!) choosing not to share it on Instagram. The unfortunate flipside afterall to the freedom of the Inktober challenge on a platform such as Instagram being the fear of the judgement of others, and potentially the loss of followers. Silly though that may sound, this can be genuinly problematic for up and coming artists finding their way and starting to establish a strong, recognisable style.

With all that in mind, I have decided this year to not only embark upon Inktober using my regular Mel Langton Art Instagram acccount, but I have also started a second account for a new venture.

Recently I’ve started t find more and more enjoyment from creating cartoons, which is something I very rarely do anymore as it;s really not my usual style, but through doing this I’ve started to fall back in love with the physical act of drawing, mark making and thinking our my ideas in a more expressive way. Put that hand in hand with the concept of Inktober and my boundless love of Sloths, then it seamed completely natural for a new character to be born.

Meet Slothpops, the small, pink and, as yet, untattooed sloth.

You can follow Slothypops on his adventures at his Instagram account

He also has a very new website

I can only apologise for what he gets up to as I’m still only discovering his odd little ways myself, but I’m hoping you’ll discover why I have such a soft spot for the little fella.

Meanwhile you can continue to follow my own regular adventures of Inktober and other projects at


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